Wolf Innovation has developed a new approach to measuring wet and dry clear coat thickness during the painting stage of automobile manufacture. AUTO ONE™ is new and available with negotiated regional exclusivity at this time.

Auto One™ ensures the quality of the paint finish to compliment the perfection of the cars you produce.

The clear coating thickness is rapidly measured across the entire car body both before and after the paint is cured in the drying tunnel. Measuring before curing means that spraying can be optimised immediately – no waiting for the car body to complete its curing process.

Clear coat painting quality is monitored throughout production.

Paint volume solids is an important property of paint.

Wolf Innovation has a unique patented instrumented procedure for measuring PVS% quickly and accurately on every batch of paint delivered to the plant. Knowing the consistency of PVS% allows the manufacturer to achieve more consistent paint thickness leading to an improved paint finish. PVS% is used with the e-coat, the clear and all pigmented paint finishes.

The spray robots are quickly optimised using feedback from the car body measurements; spray performance is then monitored to ensure ongoing stability of the spraying process and perfect coating quality.

A demo version of the instrumentation is portable and easily brought to your finishing plant for immediate evaluation. Once installed permanently, the system will be fully automated using the robots to step through the measurement process.

Do you want a perfect finish on every car all of the time? Of course you do! Don’t delay – call us at Wolf Innovation to progress your in plant evaluation of Auto-One today.