We installed the DFM1 on our Colourcoil paint line in January 2015 and were initially looking for cost savings on paint usage and overall improved production costs and quality.

To date and without exception, we have achieved these goals and more. We have realized an overall 5% reduction in topcoat usage and a much improved coating finish. With DFM1 we have been able to achieve an edge to edge variation of only 0.1 micrometres. Before the DFM1 installation, we were running 1 or 2 micrometres above spec, and just occasionally below. The DFM1 is easy to operate, is calibration free, and requires no operator skill working across our full range of finishes.

We consider this has been a very worthwhile investment that has more than paid for itself over a relatively short period. Our recommendation stands on record.

WFM1 was purchased and installed in February, 2015. The systems immediately helped us in terms of quality and reduced down time. Since well over a year ago we have not had any maintenance issues and the systems continues to work well.

To give an example, our target was a dry film thickness of 10 µm +/- 2 µm. The average thickness achieved was 9,67 µm on the motor side and 9,36 µm on the operator side. Both with minimal standard deviation. When we change the coating roll we just unscrew the aluminium support bar (one screw on each side) and put the system in a parking position beside the coater.

We’ve never had to change the doctor blades in the system. The whole operation takes 3 – 5 minutes. We’re really very happy with the WFM1 instrument and have recommended it to others.